Carter V. Cooper Short Fiction Anthology Series – Exile Editions

“A Fire in the Clearing”

Earlier this summer my story “A Fire in the Clearing” was short-listed for the $15,000 Gloria Vanderbilt Short Fiction competition. Strangely, this wasn’t even the highlight. Thanks to Exile Editions, I was able to meet Ms. Vanderbilt herself as well as other Can Lit heroes, Austin Clarke and Leon Rooke, in none other than Morley Callaghan’s house. Given that this story went through a firing squad of workshops and repeated rejections, it feels all the more sweet to have it end up here. Look for it in an upcoming issue of ELQ. Congrats to Sang Kim, Austin Clarke and Priscilla Uppal for their wins!

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Everything is So Political – Fernwood Publishing

“From the Lookout there are Trees”

Everything is So Political is one of those publications that I dreamed of being a part of when I was a teenager. Like Fortune Hotel, a brilliant collection of twisted travel stories that served as the foundation for my own travel-inspired collection, Everything is So Political takes multiple and varying perspectives on the theme of politics in short fiction. Not only is there a foreword by Fred Stenson, not only was it edited by Sandra McIntyre, it’s been reviewed in a hell of a lot of awesome places and is selling well to boot. My story “From the Lookout there are Trees” deals with the travelers’ angst that is inevitable when backpacking through countries like Burma. On one hand, there is the desire to break through the perception of a place into its reality, but on the other hand, that reality is so often grim and elusive.

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Jonathan – Sibling Rivalry Press

“A Feast of Bear”

It’s always an honour to be included in the first issue of a slamming publication. Edited by Raymond Luczak, this journal of short fiction joins Assaracus in Sibling Rivalry Press’ family of stellar journals. My story “A Feast of Bear” takes aim at the softer side of machismo for a look at what we keep frozen inside us.

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Vallum: Contemporary Poetry

Vallum: Contemporary Poetry

Just caught this issue of Vallum featuring two of my poems, “Billboard Seen as Portal” and “The Workmen Clamour Below” in my local Chapters.

Vallum has blown me away with its quality publication, and it’s incredible to see my name printed alongside others like Nathaniel G. Moore, John Barton and Moez Surani.  Poets, submit!

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Plenitude Magazine

Plenitude Magazine


Nothing thrills me more than being part of the first issue of a publication. Plenitude Magazine was awesome enough to take two of my pieces: “Two Variations on the Theme of Envy” and “First-World Lakeshore Sunday”.

Check out this new publication out of Victoria, B.C. by the intrepid Andrea Routley. Even better, subscribe!

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Everything is So Political

ImageI’m thrilled to have my short story “From the Lookout there are Trees”  as part of Rosewood Publishing’s upcoming anthology of political fiction Everything is So Political (2013).

This story was inspired by my second trip to Burma and holds inside it several of my most vivid memories. It’s also nice to share the stage with the other writers who will be included in the anthology.

Thanks to Rosewood Publishing!

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Interview with Jaclyn Locke


Jaclyn Locke – Plaid Magazine

With a commitment to clean, crisp images that speak back to photographic masters such as Steven Meisel and Mario Testino, Toronto-based photographer Jaclyn Locke has proven with her stunning portfolio that, in the words of Matt Hardy, “seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph.”

Check out my interview with Jaclyn in Plaid Magazine.

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Sound/Poetry Collaboration with Rob Szeliga

Rob Szeliga and Matthew R. Loney

Rob Szeliga and Matthew R. Loney

Friend and fellow artist, RSzeliga, took a poem we recorded during our days in the Japanese countryside and transformed it with his magic into something far more interesting. This kind of project confirms the merit of collaboration.

Check out Dr. Said’s Holiday Message

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Cha Magazine from Hong Kong

Asian Cha

"Soft Coral, Sinking Pearl" - Asian Cha

I’ve always been interested in the way backpackers engage with the cultures they’re traveling in. The incredible Hong Kong-based literary magazine, Asian Cha, has kindly published my story “Soft Coral, Sinking Pearl” from my collection That Savage Water. In this story, Myaing, a Burmese refugee, finds work cleaning travelers’ huts on a beach in Thailand while she confronts the pressure of living in a new land populated by strangeness in the moments before a powerful tsunami.

(Photo credit: Kimberley Mok – also published in this edition of Cha)

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Interview with Sunny Fong – Designer

Sunny Fong - Plaid Magazine

Plaid Magazine - Sunny Fong


Want a lesson on how to make a name for yourself in the Canadian Arts and Design scene? Check out my interview with Sunny Fong, head designer and creator of VAWK and VAWKKIN, for Plaid Magazine.

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